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Each dosha is a component of the living body, and the three doshas together form the entire living body. It sounds simple enough, but if I asked you to classify every part of the body - physical, energetic and psychic - using just three words, how would you do it?


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Ayurveda Wellness Clinic, Ponda, India 2017
Today we interview Dani, co-founder of Modern Ayurvedic, Ayurvedic Herbalist and producer of Modern Ayurvedic's range of natural supplement and custom herbal formulations. This picture of her is taken at the Ayurveda Wellness Centre in Ponda, India, th...

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Are you interested in learning Ayurvedic Medicine? The first step is knowing how to bring your doshas into balance.

At Modern Ayurvedic we consider warm herbal infusions a form of medicine. In fact taking in warm spiced water is one the simplest and best ways to cleanse your body.

Check out o...

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Wow - has anyone else fallen off the bandwagon? We did. Just a little. It was in this teeny tiny fall that we realised we needed to re-focus on our Ayurvedic routines; what that is, why we do it, and how we do it. With all this additional time we’ve been gifted, safe at home, it has really shed s...

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8 months ago
What a truly wonderful experience! Madeleine is just so beautiful and takes you on a journey that leaves you feeling just so blissed out I felt like floated out of there. Highly recommend if you tend to live a 'go go go' lifestyle. Do yourself a favour!
- Cassie G
3 months ago
When I first met Madeleine I was like what the heck is a Dosha lol. Well turns out it’s the information about your individual constitution which is the key to unlocking the secrets of your body, mind and soul. My first appointment was so profound to understanding my body, just by asking a few questions and I could put the pieces of my life together. Everything Madeleine suggested to implement was gentle and she introduced things at my pace, although it’s taken longer for some to become habit! I just completed a “wellness week”, this was the lead up after starting with the wellness journey and monthly consults, and custom herbs 6 months ago. At the end of last year I was drained, tired, had stomach issues and weight gain, and still grieving the loss of my dad. It’s taken some time to understand and implement the auyvedic principles but the steps are so easy to implement into any lifestyle and it doesn’t take long to become addicted to the effects. The “wellness week” consisted of a...
5 months ago
I love the thank you notes I get 🙏🏽😍- I am well , positive , sleeping well - digesting well !! Thank you MA 😘
- Sharon T

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